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Rail Services




Interior cleaning for all car models and commodities

Dry-bulk gravity discharge cleaning

Bleaching/Sanitizing/pH adjustment

Exterior car cleaning

Interior inspections


Coating/ Painting

Rail-car Lining & Coating - touch up

Exterior Touch-up/Graffiti Removal

Re-stencil as needed


Repair Certifications

AAR M-1003

B-25 Freight Car Repair over 85 hours

B-26 Freight Car Repair Rule 88

Level II certified Dry Mag Particle and Dye Penetrate Non-Destructive testing

Bubble Leak

Direct Visual Weld Inspection


Scrapping and Dismantling

"End of Life" Car Cleaning

Shearing/Cutting with State of the Art Shears

Dismantling of Detachable Components

Overhead Crane Lifting and Loading Capabilities

Direct Access to Mill Processor

Alternative to the Repair of Outdated or Obsolete Rail-cars










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